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Welcome Tumay

Tumay Telatar, Erasmus fellowship recipient, of the Middle East Technical University, Ankara joined our lab.


Announcing the Keystone Symposia Conference on “Skin Health and Disease: Immune, Epithelial and Microbiome Crosstalk”

Organized by Drs. Michel Gilliet of University Hospital of Lausanne, Emma Guttmanof Mount Sinai Hospital, Anthony Oro of Stanford University and Manolis Pasparakis of the University of Cologne, the three-day conference will:

  • Present and discuss cutting-edge research on the role of the immune system, epithelial cells and skin microbiome, and crosstalk between these systems, with respect to skin health and its emerging importance in systemic health and disease defenses;
  • Review the newest technologies and experimental approaches for treating and preventing skin diseases;
  • Consider the future directions of the field, including the role immune-epithelial-microbiome crosstalk of the skin beyond the skin, in systemic diseases, and foster new collaborations among dermatologists, cancer biologists, immunologists, industrial researchers and other scientists.

For more information, please visit http://www.keystonesymposia.org/19D4    

Welcome back Christina

Christina Eftychi returned to our lab.

Welcome back!

New Lab Member


Simone Wolf joined us as a new PhD-student.


Dr. Schwarzer!

Congratulations to a successful PhD defense, Robin! 

ERC Advanced Grant for Professor Manolis Pasparakis

Manolis Pasparakis wins the most important European Research grant, funded with 2,5 million euros for the second time. Please find the press release here